With Ohanae Secure File Sharing, collaborating in team projects have never been easier and safer. Share your documents while restricting file access privileges to the desired specified group of individuals.

Files to be shared are uniquely encrypted

File access control is managed through simple graphical user interfaces

Only members present in the Sharing List may decrypt and gain access to the file

Encrypted files are stored in a user-defined custom directory

Ohanae software manages the rights using industry standard Public Key Infrastructure

Assuming each member is a valid Ohanae User, the file encryption key is encrypted using the Public Keys of members in the Sharing List

Native group management tools enable sub-grouping, member management

Group key for easy and structured access control for sharing

Group memberships varies without the need to re-encrypt all previously encrypted files

Secure shared folder can be created and shared with other members

When a file is added to a secure shared folder, the file is automatically encrypted and shared with members who are in the sharing list