Redefining OTC Securities with Confidence

Our technology is built to democratize access to capital markets, levelling the playing field for all investors and business owners. By fostering transparency and accessibility, we empower everyone to participate in the financial ecosystem with fairness.

What We Do, In A Nutshell

Ohanae brings investment opportunities to verified investors and safeguards their securities and funds with real-time settlement

What We Offer

Ohanae's OTC Market Platform serves as the core infrastructure for Ohanae's vision

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"Confidence is our vision and solutions defines Ohanae – your trusted partner for a new era of capital markets."
– Greg Hauw, Founder & CEO, Ohanae
Empowering With Seamless Transaction Settlement

Experience seamless trading on Ohanae's alternative trading system ("ATS"), operational 24x7 and powered by automated market maker ("AMM") technology. Our platform's non-stop trading availability enhances liquidity, enabling investors to capitalize on market opportunities anytime, fostering a dynamic and vibrant trading environment. Introducing atomic settlement, our mechanism refers to a process in which a transaction is either fully completed or fully reversed, without any partial execution. This ensures that trades are settled securely and reliably, minimizing settlement risk and delivering faster, more efficient trading experiences for all participants.

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Ohanae ID: Built On The Ohanae Blockchain

Ohanae Blockchain boasts the core advantages of decentralization, cryptographic security, transparency, and fast transaction finality. Discover its transformative potential with an Ohanae ID—passwordless login using a KYC/AML verified digital identity. Ohanae ID empowers users with control over identity data and consent for sharing, streamlining access to blockchain services and reducing compliance costs for businesses.

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1-Tap Login

Ohanae's patented technology ensures that passwords are not stored in the cloud or your device, but generated only at the time of use for ironclad protection.

Private Key Protection

Protecting your private key is critical—it's the key to your verified identity and all actions within our platform. At Ohanae, we prioritize security with the Ohanae Masterkey. This 256-bit key, randomly generated upon account registration, offers unparalleled protection. To put it in perspective, it would take approximately 3.31 x 10^56 years to guess this key through brute force, making it incredibly secure. Plus, it's encrypted using a user-defined passphrase, adding another layer of protection. Rest assured, your digital assets and identity are safe with us.

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