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A Poised Leader In OTC Securities

What are OTC Securities

OTC securities, unlike those on major exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ, are unrestricted securities traded directly between parties outside formalized exchanges. They’re typically traded through decentralized networks or electronic platforms.

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Our Technology Leads the Way

Our Web3-powered OTC Market Platform is built with purpose, by tech veterans who wish to democratize investments and access for all.

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Discover opportunities and invest in a wide array of early high-growth businesses

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What is Equity Crowdfunding?

It's a powerful financing tool that enables businesses to raise capital by offering ownership stakes to genuine investors. At Ohanae, we've designed a platform to connect investors to a realm of unparalleled, groundbreaking opportunities, while high-growth business owners gain access to a wide pool of backers. When more growth happens, everyone wins.

Confidence. That's Ohanae.

We understand the journey of raising capital, as we're actively engaged in the process ourselves through the Ohanae OTC Market Platform. This firsthand experience not only informs our platform's technology and user design, but outreach that's required to build a strong investor foundation for future success.

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