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Imagine a world where the doors to capital markets are wide open for every ambitious entrepreneur.

Welcome to Ohanae, where we are on a mission to turn this vision into reality – shaping the future of finance by harnessing the power of Web3. Our platform leverages the perks of blockchain for equity crowdfunding to democratise access to capital markets beyond traditional exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE. We empower high-growth small businesses to connect with investors who share their mission, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success, while eliminating centralized intermediaries, enhancing transparency, streamlining settlement processes, and enable broader access to tokenized securities.

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Unlock Growth Opportunities

Ohanae's OTC Market Platform supports Regulation A+ offerings with equity tokens or digital asset securities, enabling companies to raise capital from a broader investor base. By streamlining the fundraising process and enhancing transparency, Ohanae empowers companies to access capital more efficiently.

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Ohanae enables the tokenization of securities, representing traditional assets as equity tokens on the blockchain. This process enhances liquidity, accessibility, and fractional ownership opportunities for investors, allowing them to diversify their portfolios like never before.

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Ohanae Coins

Ohanae Coin is a USD-backed token, fully collateralized and transparently verified by third-party attestations. Our robust legal framework empowers every Ohanae Coin owner to seamlessly exchange USD directly through the Ohanae OTC Market Platform.

Outreach Matters

Introducing Ohanae's game-changing Virtual Data Room ("VDR") technology, seamlessly integrated into our platform. This transformative tool offers investors curated data room access, enhancing their ability to explore relevant investment opportunities with ease.

At Ohanae, we understand the importance of strong investor relationships. That's why we leverage cutting-edge technology and data analytics to accelerate relationship building, ensuring efficient and cost-effective investor outreach campaigns.

With our commitment to innovation, we're proud to offer you the opportunity to be a thought leader in your industry. Utilize our digital tools, social media, and human relationships to maximize your visibility and stay ahead of the curve. Join Ohanae today and unlock your potential for success.

Access a plethora of opportunities from primary and secondary markets

Tap on our network of investors on the Ohanae OTC Market Platform, built for the purpose of revolutionizing the way securities are traded and managed.

Ohanae ATS

Ohanae ATS is an alternative trading system ("ATS") with automated market maker ("AMM") technology to provide seamless asset exchanges. Ohanae Securities LLC, (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ohanae, Inc.) is currently seeking approval from FINRA to qualify as a Special Purpose Broker-Dealer for Digital Asset Securities.

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