Our Vision
CEO Pitch

Ohanae is revolutionizing the $3.2 trillion OTC Securities1 market, bringing Web3 technology to capital markets to ensure security, transparency, and regulatory compliance for investors of over-the-counter securities.

Ohanae leverages blockchain, tokenization, equity crowdfunding, non-stop trading, and atomic settlement to create a market platform where accredited and retail investors around the world have access to groundbreaking investment opportunities normally unavailable to them.

The Ohanae OTC Market Platform dramatically reduces complexity, counterparty risks, and regulatory burdens for both investors and capital seekers offering them unprecedented transparency, liquidity, and confidence.

Key features include:

  • Non-stop OTC securities trading
  • Atomic settlement with Ohanae Coin (1:1 pegged to the US dollar)
  • Private key protection and custody for digital asset securities
  • Blockchain-based digital transfer agent service
  • Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding and investor acquisition marketing for companies looking to raise capital

Web3 technology is disrupting OTC securities and Ohanae has unique competitive advantages. Invest in Ohanae to take advantage of this massive market opportunity.

1 According to the annual report of the SEC’s Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation for Fiscal Year 2021, private securities, with $3.2 trillion issued in 2021, is almost twice the size of the public securities market.