Ohanae Builds Trust for the Capital Markets with Stablecoin-Powered Asset Tokenization Platform
Published on March 10, 2020

New York, NY – March 10th, 2020 -- Ohanae, (https://www.ohanae.com/), an institutional grade asset tokenization platform creating a new opportunity for capital market innovation, today announced the introduction of the Ohanae Asset Tokenization Platform, powered by its foundational stablecoin, the Ohana Coin.

Commenting on the launch, Greg Hauw, the Founder and CEO of Ohanae, stated, “The Ohanae Asset Tokenization Platform can disrupt the way companies raise capital and provide liquidity to investors. The Ohanae Platform is a total end-to-end solution that allows companies to fundraise using equity tokens that combine the benefits of digital assets and traditional financial contracts and provides the foundation technology to ensure the trade and ownership. Our goal is to ultimately lower barriers to entry and improve access to capital market services in order to encourage innovation.”

The Ohanae Platform is built on the Ohana Blockchain, a decentralized, programmable database designed to support stablecoin which can serve as an efficient medium of exchange for billions of people around the world. The Ohanae ecosystem introduces a new stablecoin — the Ohana Coin — which functions as digital fiat and is a USD-backed ERC-20 compliant token that is fully collateralized, legally protected, and transparently verified by third-party attestations.

The Ohana Coin has been designed to facilitate and streamline the capital raising process and the secondary trading of digital assets on the Ohanae Platform through the issuance of equity tokens. Equity tokens, or digitized versions of traditional securities, are emerging as an efficient means for transforming the way investors access and trade private, unregistered securities, as well as other alternative investments and asset classes. Liquidity is expected to improve with the expanding acceptance of equity tokens as they can be bought and sold for close to fair value and transactions can be vetted, executed and settled more quickly than in the past. The platform assures the last-mile issue of settlement for every financial transaction.

Mr. Hauw added, “The next wave in the evolution of the capital markets is using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to instantly settle trades, eliminate intermediaries, and reduce fraud. And combined with the advent of equity tokens, we believe that emerging growth companies and a wide range of other assets will benefit, including venture funds, art and collectibles, real estate and natural resources, to name a few. The Ohanae Asset Tokenization Platform is a total end-to-end solution that has been built on a foundation of trust and with the foresight to have seamlessly resolved the many complex issues involved, while fully supporting the digitalization of the capital raising process and unlocking the liquidity of hard assets. After the years of investment in building a solid foundational platform, we are excited to introduce our offering to the marketplace and partner with others that want to lead the change in the global financial landscape.”

Building Trust for the Capital Markets with Innovation

The growth in private alternative investment issuances has occurred despite a lack of investment infrastructure, significant transactional frictions, and most importantly, efficient secondary liquidity, which is particularly problematic for institutional investors.  Although investors in private offerings are compensated for illiquidity (along with the complexity and structuring risk of these deals) with higher rates of return, they still rely on liquidity for their spending needs, capital calls, tactical allocation and portfolio rebalancing. The issue of illiquidity has the potential to curb growth in private markets in the years ahead and may prevent institutional investors from accessing some of the most high-alpha investment opportunities available

Compounding this issue is the fact that the limited infrastructure that does exist for private asset liquidity is operationally inefficient and manually intensive.  The private markets ecosystem is also highly fragmented and challenged by incomplete, siloed information, and a significant degree of information asymmetry between buyers and sellers, general partners and limited partners, investors and issuers, and various intermediaries, e.g. broker-dealers.

The result of these inefficiencies is that an institution looking to liquidate a private investment faces high transaction costs, a lengthy transaction closing period, and, most importantly, the risk of taking a sizable discount on its investment.

The Ohanae Platform has the potential to unlock capital for pre-IPO companies and other asset classes and expand and strengthen capital markets.  The Ohanae Platform is an end-to-end solution that manages the processing of investors from log-in to capital received, as well as equity token issuance, secondary trading, and the tracking of equity token ownership on blockchain throughout the lifetime of an asset and  ensures that the digital manifestations reflect the real world assets they back. The Platform is built on the Ohana Blockchain and is completely integrated and designed to address non-repudiation, privacy, confidentiality; and verifiability of claims with consent-driven models. The platform’s advanced features include:

  • Immutable, Fast Transaction Finality (one second block time) 
  • KYC/AML Verified Identity 
  • Stablecoins for Settlements 
  • Equity Token Protocol 
  • Private Key Protection 
  • Masterkey with Passphrase Recovery 
  • Password-less login 
  • Secure File Sharing 
  • Ohana App (patented technology for password protection and secure file sharing) 

About Ohanae

The Ohanae Asset Tokenization Platform is an institutional-grade technology platform for capital raising and secondary trading of alternative assets. The Platform allows companies to fundraise using equity tokens and combines the benefits of digital assets and traditional financial contracts. The Ohanae platform is a turnkey solution that provides fast transaction settlement, KYC verified self-sovereign identity, password protection, secure file sharing, stablecoins for settlements, primary issuance and secondary trading. For more information please visit: Ohanae.com


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