The Future of Finance: Web3 Equity Crowdfunding vs. ICOs

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How Web3 Equity Crowdfunding provides an expanded pathway for U.S. individuals to actively participate in Web3 projects. Through compliant fundraising methods and adherence to regulatory requirements, U.S. persons now have the opportunity to engage with innovative projects, fostering a more inclusive and diverse Web3 ecosystem.
The two-token model for compliant fundraising, and how it enables start-ups to raise capital through Web3 Equity Crowdfunding while offering a non-security digital asset.

Founder and CEO of Ohanae Greg Hauw explores Web3 Equity Crowdfunding and ICOs in the second edition of our Fireside Chat series.

Compliance with security laws is crucial for Web3 start-ups, and this discussion emphasizes on legal frameworks, regulatory compliance, and investor protection.

When it comes to fundraising, ICOs and Web3 Equity Crowdfunding offer a myriad of different opportunities for investors—and it all boils down to the individual’s appetite for risk. ICOs are seen as fast but risky with limited investor safeguards while Web3 Equity Crowdfunding provides ownership and potential returns. Regulation A+ requirements and the two-token model for compliant fundraising are explained in this series, as well as its broad investor base potential, especially for U.S. individuals. It concludes with insights into the future of Web3 Equity Crowdfunding, its transformative potential in capital raising, and the importance of compliant alternatives.

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