Ohanae is extending the power of blockchain to every business process, every app, and every human being. The Ohana Blockchain implements Ethereum in a way that is optimized for enterprise, and asset tokenization. The Ohana Blockchain architecture stack defines the building blocks needed to drive the next generation of enterprise Ethereum applications that, like the Internet, will work anywhere and is capable of facilitating smart contracts without intermediaries.

There is no server or software to buy or manage you focus solely on building smart contracts, mobile, and web applications that include built-in stablecoins for settlements, file security, document tracking, identity and access management based on self-sovereign principles.

Ohanae is introducing two cryptographic tokens, named Ohana coin, a stablecoin, and Ohana Blockchain Credits.

To use the Ohana Blockchain, Ohana Coins must be converted to Ohana Blockchain Credits. Ohana Blockchain Credits are then used to make entries into the Ohana Blockchain. The right to write into the Ohana protocol is generated by validators running it, and this right is ended by those using the protocol.

We are excited to embark on this journey with you and the community.