Asset Tokenization Platform to Disrupt Capital Market

Ohanae is an asset tokenization platform that will disrupt the capital market with automated compliance, improved liquidity, and enhanced ease of trading with fast transaction settlement. Equity tokens or digitized securities may become the more common method of securities ownership and secondary tr

Blockchain as a Service

Permissioned blockchain will have significant influence on how future value is distributed The dominant feature of blockchain is its ability to evolve unpredictably and spawn new chains of technological develpement. Ignoring jurisdictional boundaries, blockchian already spans every corner of the pla

Blockchainize the Enterprise

The tokenization of corporate capital stock via cryptographically secured equity tokens What does tokenization mean? Tokenization is the process of converting the rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. You can represent ownership stakes on any asset with a token - basically, by "to

Equity Token Platform

As the world's assets become increasingly liquid, the concept of ownership through asset tokenization will evolve in ways we cannot yet imagine. It is only a matter of time before equity tokens take a central role in the crypto finance industry.

Equity Token Offering

Equity Token Equity Token includes digital assets that are financial investments, and classified as a "securities" or its equivalent under applicable laws. This classification could vary by jurisdiction.

Consumer Token Offering

The issues at hand Some 80 representatives from the cryptocurrency and traditional finance industries trekked to Washington, D.C.

Enterprise Ethereum Explained

The Web 3.0 Revolution Information is Money: Facebook and Google are the biggest custodians of personal information.

Ohanae Identity Explained

Extending the Power of Blockchain to Every Human Being Blockchain's core advantages are decentralization, cryptographic security, transparency, and immutability. It allows information to be verified and value to be exchanged without having to rely on a third-party authority.

SingHealth hacked; records of 1.5m patients, including PM Lee Hsien Loong, stolen

SingHealth's IT System Target of Cyberattack. Many Singaporean received a text message today-your name, IC, address, gender, race, birth date & outpatient dispensed medicines in 2015-18 were accessed but not altered.

Cryptocurrency's Role in Alleged Russian Hacking of DNC Emails

The recent indictments of 12 Russia-linked hackers related to their alleged involvement in the 2016 U.S.

Powering the Web 3.0 Era of Decentralized, Connective Intelligence

Every now and then, another project publishes a whitepaper, claiming to have solved the scalability problems faced by Ethereum. These new blockchains claim to be better, faster, and smarter than Ethereum - they say they can handle thousands, even millions of transactions per second, have no transact

Crypto's Impact on Business Model Innovation

Ohanae Enterprise Ethereum Platform and Ohanae Token offer potential solutions innovating business processes through asset tokenization, bringing about change on an institutional level that will redefine how businesses, governments, and societies interact. Ohanae guarantees that the ownership inform

Traditional Asset Tokenization

Crypto's Impact on the Real Estate Industry Real estate is one of the world's largest asset classes. By some estimates, real estate alone accounts for over half of global asset values.

Ohanae Token Mechanics

Ohanae is a grass-root movement, it is a network of people and organizations. It will be made successful through the work of all its participants, for many years to come and we want to include as many members of our community in the token distribution as possible while complying with applicable law.

Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack

EEA Accelerates Web 3.0 Adoption with Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), unveiled the next phase of its Enterprise Ethereum specification strategy with the public release of its Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack (EEAS).

Self-Sovereign Identity Reimagined

Computerworld published an article written by Lucas Mearian "How blockchain could solve the internet privacy problem". Phil Windley commented in the article "I don't believe there's a ton of people who are suddenly going to wake up this summer and say, I need to download a self-sovereign identity wa

Ohanae TrustChain Architecture Stack

I read Kaliya Young article on coindesk "There's A Facebook Alternative, It's Called Self-Sovereign Identity" explaining the breakthrough in "user-centric identity" she championed 15 years ago is now possible. In Kyle Samani, Multicoin Capital latest essay "Opportunities for Blockchain based Social

Is Self-Sovereign Identity Ready for Prime-Time?

In the wake of Equifax breach and countless compromising Americans' privacy, one thing has become clear: It's time to reimagine how Social Security numbers can be protected. We could use biometric technology to validate identities, using retina scans or facial recognition software, but these systems

The Emergence of Self-Sovereign Identity

The majority of Internet identities are centralized, meaning that they are owned and controlled by a single entity. The user does not own their identity record, and it can be taken away at any time.

Document Tracking Redefined

Secure file sharing with people inside or outside the organization Information governance reduces organizational risk in the fields of compliance. By adopting data protection and document tracking, organizations will be able to protect their information assets, from endpoint to endpoint.