Disrupting the Private Capital Market with Web3

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The most successful current applications of Web3 are in decentralized finance, where traditional financial services such as payments, and trading are implemented through composable smart contracts that operate on distributed ledgers.
This has led to the development of innovative new mechanisms such as a deposit coin that is used as a common currency and sole means of payment for transactions consummated on the blockchain, equity crowdfunding, and automated market maker for secondary trading.

If there is anything we have learnt from capital markets in recent years, it is that technological advances have propelled significant change in financial structures, creating new risks and challenges for market participants. To manage these risks and challenges, regulators have had to adapt their approaches to oversight and regulation. They have had to develop new rules and regulations to address the risks associated with new financial instruments and trading platforms, and they have had to coordinate more closely with their counterparts in other countries to address the challenges posed by globalized financial markets.

The answer to innovation in capital markets today lies in Web3, with a decentralized online ecosystem based on the blockchain at its core, to provide new forms of digital interaction and transparent transactions without the need for intermediaries. In this new web, users are empowered with more control over their data and digital identities, and enjoy lower barriers for entry into the capital markets.

We invite you to a presentation by Founder and CEO of Ohanae, Greg Hauw, for an insightful session into the future of Web3 in the capital markets. The session will address the challenges, certainty, and relevance of blockchain despite the recent meltdown among crypto companies and bank failure, and how global economies are undeniably adapting to the technologies that power the Web3 ecosystem. It will cover the new ways funds invest, underwrite risk, raise new capital, shareholder liquidity, and ultimately transform entrepreneurship in this new digital era.

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