Unlocking Growth: Exploring the Ohanae OTC Market for U.S. Companies
Published on July 04, 2023
Author : Greg Hauw, Founder & CEO, Ohanae, Inc


In the ever-evolving landscape of the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Securities market, growth-stage U.S. companies face challenges in accessing capital and expanding their investor base. However, the Ohanae OTC Market has emerged as a promising alternative. Let us explore the benefits and opportunities it offers.

Enhanced Trading Opportunities

The Ohanae OTC Market provides growth-stage U.S. companies with a platform that designed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, transparency, and liquidity. By trading on the Ohanae OTC Market, companies demonstrate their commitment to continuous quotation requirements, SEC/FINRA oversight, financial standards, audited financials, timely disclosure, and maintaining a Verified Company Profile. Convenient trading and transparent pricing through the Ohanae alternative trading system (ATS) provide investors with real-time quotes and instant settlement, fostering a non-stop trading experience.

Expanded Distribution of Information to Investors

Companies listed on the Ohanae OTC Market offer investors up-to-date information and disclosures. The market streamlines the distribution of financial reports, news, and research through XBRL conversion filings, reaching a wider network of media and data portals. This strategy is designed to enhance investor engagement and encourages participation in the growth of listed companies.

Cost-Effective Alternative for U.S. Companies

The Ohanae OTC Market presents a cost-effective alternative for U.S. companies compared to listing on traditional U.S. exchanges. Instead of variable listing fees based on market capitalization and additional costs, the Ohanae OTC Market imposes a fixed annual fee, enabling companies of all sizes to allocate resources towards business growth.

Qualifications for Ohanae OTC Market

To be eligible for the Ohanae OTC Market, companies must meet specific qualifications. These include Regulation A+ reporting, audited financials by AICPA/PCAOB auditors, timely disclosure of material news, and maintaining a Verified Company Profile. These requirements showcase transparency and build investor confidence.

Fees and Services

Ohanae OTC Market offers a straightforward fee structure. Primary offerings involve a FINRA Corporate Filing Fee, administrative and compliance fees, and a percentage of the aggregated gross amount raised in cash. Secondary offerings include an application fee, an annual listing fee, and a one-time brokerage fee based on the valuation of digital asset securities (cash and equity). Additionally, Ohanae, Inc. provides an annual Transfer Agent Service for efficient share transfers and shareholder services.


The Ohanae OTC Market is a promising avenue for growth-stage U.S. companies to access capital, increase transparency, and expand their investor base. With enhanced trading opportunities, streamlined information distribution, and a cost-effective alternative, the Ohanae OTC Market empowers these companies to unlock their full potential. As regulatory approvals are finalized, the future looks bright for the Ohanae OTC Market and the growth-stage U.S. companies it aims to support.


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