Redefining OTC Securities with Confidence in the Evolving Crypto Landscape
Published on June 19, 2023
Author : Greg Hauw, Founder & CEO, Ohanae, Inc


The crypto industry is experiencing turbulence as regulatory challenges loom large. Recent accusations from the SEC against Coinbase and Binance for their failure to register as brokers have raised concerns within decentralized finance and the crypto markets. Over-the-Counter (OTC) securities, which refer to unrestricted securities traded directly between two parties outside of formalized exchanges, play a significant role in this landscape.

The Importance of OTC Securities:

OTC securities are traded through decentralized networks or electronic platforms, distinguishing them from stocks and bonds traded on major exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or NASDAQ. Their unrestricted nature and direct trading between parties provide flexibility and unique opportunities in the market.

Ohanae's Innovative Approach:

Amidst tightening regulations, Ohanae is a Web3 platform working to revolutionize OTC securities with its focus on security, transparency, and compliance. It brings efficiency to the market through various innovative features, such as tokenization, equity crowdfunding, non-stop trading, and atomic settlement. Ohanae aims to empower investors with trusted and inclusive primary and secondary trading, providing a solution that addresses the challenges faced by the crypto industry.

Key Components of Ohanae's Platform:

Ohanae Blockchain: With the goals of being secure and compliant, Ohanae's permissioned blockchain is designed to provide a trusted environment for seamless transactions. Transparency and the reduction of fraudulent activities is a high priority.

Ohanae Coin ("OUSD"): With Ohanae's 1-to-1 tokenized commercial bank currency, designed to be pegged to the US dollar, our aim is for investors to experience hassle-free trading, with the goal of benefiting from the stability and familiarity of a traditional currency.

Equity Tokens: Ohanae is working to transform traditional securities into digital representations using its cutting-edge equity tokens. This innovative approach may open up new avenues for investors to participate in the OTC securities market.

Secure Custody Solutions: Ohanae prioritizes the security of investors' assets with top-notch secure custody solutions. These solutions protect private keys from unauthorized access, with the goal of ensuring the safety of digital assets.

Atomic Settlement: Ohanae's revolutionary instant settlement mechanism is designed to eliminate settlement risks by enabling simultaneous settlement of multiple assets. The goal is to ensure efficient and reliable transactions.

Automated Market Maker (AMM): Ohanae's state-of-the-art AMM technology is designed to provide liquidity and direct trading on the platform. The goal is to enhance market efficiency and accessibility for investors.

Digital Transfer Agent: Ohanae works to simplify ownership transfers and promotes transparency in every transaction through its digital transfer agent. This innovative feature is designed to ensure compliance while streamlining processes.

Reg A+ Exemption: Ohanae embraces the Reg A+ exemption provided by the JOBS Act, democratizing access to investment opportunities and making them available to the general public. The goal is to foster inclusivity and broadens participation in the OTC securities market.

Investor Acquisition Marketing ("IAM"): Ohanae offers an innovative Investor Acquisition Marketing program that is designed to empower capital seekers to generate leads, expand their networks, and build a vibrant community around their offerings. This program enhances visibility and engagement.

Revenue Drivers: Ohanae has identified various revenue streams, including success fees, listing fees, digital transfer agent fees, and other value-added services. These revenue drivers can help to ensure a sustainable and thriving platform, supporting its long-term viability.

Collaboration for Mutual Growth:

Ohanae firmly believes that collaboration and partnership with established incumbents in the OTC securities space are pivotal for mutual growth and transformation. By joining forces, industry players can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and reshape the market landscape together.


As the crypto industry evolves and navigates regulatory challenges, Ohanae's vision of redefining OTC securities with confidence becomes increasingly relevant. Through its Web3 approach, Ohanae addresses key pain points in the industry, providing security, transparency, and compliance. By embracing tokenization, equity crowdfunding, non-stop trading, and atomic settlement, Ohanae aims to empower investors, instilling trust, and reshaping the future of OTC securities in the evolving crypto landscape.


An offering statement regarding this offering has been filed with the SEC.  The SEC has qualified that offering statement, which only means that the company may make sales of the securities described by the offering statement.  It does not mean that the SEC has approved, passed upon the merits or passed upon the accuracy or completeness of the information in the offering statement.  The offering circular that is part of that offering statement is at  You should read the offering circular before making any investment.

Ohanae Securities LLC is a subsidiary of Ohanae, Inc. and member of FINRA/SIPC. Additional information about Ohanae Securities LLC can be found on BrokerCheck. Ohanae Securities LLC is in discussions with FINRA about exploring the expansion of business lines for the broker/dealer.  Any statements regarding abilities of Ohanae Securities LLC are subject to FINRA approval and there are no guarantees FINRA will approve the broker/dealer’s expansion.

Ohanae Securities is seeking approval to be a special purpose broker-dealer that is performing the full set of broker-dealer functions with respect to digital asset securities – including maintaining custody of these assets – in a manner that addresses the unique attributes of digital asset securities and minimizes risk to investors and other market participants. If approved, Ohanae Securities will limit its business to digital asset securities to isolate risk and having policies and procedures to, among other things, assess a given digital asset security’s distributed ledger technology and protect the private keys necessary to transfer the digital asset security.