Unleashing the Potential of OTC Securities: Ohanae's Path to Transformation
Published on June 05, 2023
Author : Greg Hauw, Founder & CEO, Ohanae, Inc


The OTC securities market has long been recognized as a promising investment avenue, offering opportunities beyond traditional exchanges. However, it has also faced numerous challenges, including limited liquidity, lack of transparency, and security concerns. In this landscape, Ohanae emerges as a revolutionary company, poised to redefine OTC securities through its Web3 platform. By offering non-stop trading, instant settlement, and a strong emphasis on security and regulatory compliance, Ohanae aims to instill confidence in investors and reshape the OTC securities market.

Addressing the Challenges

The OTC securities market has been marred by inherent obstacles that hinder its growth and accessibility. Limited liquidity, stemming from a fragmented market structure, has often made it difficult for investors to buy or sell securities at fair prices. Transparency has been a concern, as the lack of clear information on pricing and transactions has left investors uncertain and hesitant. Moreover, security vulnerabilities and the risk of fraud and manipulation have added further barriers to entry.

Ohanae's Web3 Platform: A Game-Changer

In its quest to redefine the OTC securities market, Ohanae leverages the power of its cutting-edge Web3 platform. Built on blockchain technology, this platform introduces transparency, security, and efficiency into the trading ecosystem. By eliminating intermediaries and reducing the risk of fraud and manipulation, Ohanae hopes to establish a foundation of trust and reliability for investors.

Tokenization: Unlocking New Opportunities

One of the key features of Ohanae's platform is the tokenization of OTC securities. By converting traditional securities into equity tokens, Ohanae aims to facilitate instant trading in order to boost liquidity and accessibility. Tokenization can also bring transparency to the market, as ownership records and transactions are securely stored across multiple nodes, making them resistant to tampering or fraudulent activities.

Enchanced Security Measures

Ohanae places a strong emphasis on security, implementing robust measures to safeguard investors' assets and personal information. State-of-the-art encryption techniques protect users' private keys and asset holdings, while secure communication channels aim to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Stringent identity verification procedures, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, create a trusted environment for all participants.

Non-Stop Trading: Empowering Investors

Ohanae's platform revolutionizes the concept of trading hours by introducing non-stop trading. Operating 24x7, the platform grants investors the freedom to place buy or sell orders for equity tokens at any time, providing unparalleled flexibility. This decentralized nature, coupled with automated market maker (AMM) technology, is designed to enhance market efficiency, improves price discovery, and fosters a dynamic and liquid trading environment.

Instant Settlement: Streamlining Transactions

One of the game-changing aspects of Ohanae's platform is its instant settlement feature. Through the utilization of smart contracts, Ohanae ensures the simultaneous and irreversible transfer of ownership and funds, potentially eliminating counterparty risk. Instant settlement can boost liquidity and provides investors with a seamless trading experience, removing unnecessary friction from the process.

The Vision for the Future

Ohanae's ambitions extend far beyond its current offerings. The company envisions a future where OTC securities are redefined, ushering in a new era of trust, transparency, and inclusivity. As part of its roadmap, Ohanae plans to develop a mobile app, leveraging the power of smartphones and mobile devices to provide investors with a user-friendly and accessible trading experience. Additionally, the integration of AI-powered trading algorithms will enhance market analysis and decision-making capabilities. Ohanae also aims to expand its tokenization efforts, unlocking even more investment opportunities and asset classes. Furthermore, global expansion and close collaboration with regulatory bodies are integral to Ohanae's vision, ensuring compliance and building bridges between traditional financial systems and the Web3 ecosystem.

Conclusion: Transforming the OTC Securities Market

Ohanae's Web3 platform is designed to revolutionize the OTC securities market, addressing long-standing challenges and introducing groundbreaking features. Through transparency, security, and efficiency, Ohanae aims to instill confidence in investors, and hope to transform the OTC securities landscape. With non-stop trading and instant settlement, investors may see unparalleled flexibility, liquidity, and trust. Ohanae's vision, encompassing mobile app development, AI-powered trading, expanded tokenization, global expansion, and regulatory collaboration, promises a future where the OTC securities market is redefined and marked by trust, transparency, and meaningful change. Step into the future with Ohanae, where the potential of OTC securities knows no bounds.


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Ohanae Securities is seeking approval to be a special purpose broker-dealer that is performing the full set of broker-dealer functions with respect to digital asset securities – including maintaining custody of these assets – in a manner that addresses the unique attributes of digital asset securities and minimizes risk to investors and other market participants. If approved, Ohanae Securities will limit its business to digital asset securities to isolate risk and having policies and procedures to, among other things, assess a given digital asset security’s distributed ledger technology and protect the private keys necessary to transfer the digital asset security.