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Ohanae Cloud Privacy Protection protects your data in the cloud and your logins to reach that data.



Access unique strong passwords without the need to remember them. Ensure files in the cloud and for sharing are encrypted, and only you have the encryption key. Businesses are forced to rethink data and login protection on mobile devices and in the Cloud.

Identity Protection

Make no compromises with your online and cloud storage accounts with unique strong passwords. Protect your passwords on multiple devices without storing them anywhere with 1-Tap Login.

Information Protection

Protect your cloud and local data using Secure Cloud Drive and Ohanae Secure Drive so only you can access it. Collaborate securely with Secure File Sharing. Make security breaches history with Secure Workplace.

Cloud Compliance

Your BYOD business culture can bid goodbye to data and login protection worries. Ohanae’s Cloud Compliance helps complete and secure transition to the cloud.
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